Have you thought about giving your garden a makeover? It’s hard to know where to start. Do you give your decking a new paint job, install new garden sleepers, or have a go at building a courtyard with pavers? The options are endless. Sometimes you need a good dose of inspiration to get on the right path.

Read a gardening magazine, visit your local nursery or just spend hours on Pinterest. There are plenty of ways to find inspiration for your next garden makeover. Our service for landscaping Mornington Peninsula has helped transform many gardens into popular places for outdoor entertaining. To help you out we’re sharing with you our favourite landscaping trends we’ve seen around town. Take note and take inspiration from these top picks.

1. Water features

The sound of trickling water can bring a new sense of zen to your backyard. Installing a new water feature like a fountain or pond will help to make your backyard a more relaxing and comforting place to spend time. Water features can also have a more practical application by providing passive cooling to an outdoor space.

2. Balcony garden

The backyard isn’t the only part of the house that can benefit from some extra greenery. As people look to downsize and move into apartments and units, there’s still a growing interest in people wanting to keep that connection with nature and the outdoors. Some choose to fill their indoor spaces with plants. But if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony then why not make the most of it?

A growing trend has seen many balcony owners decorate their small outdoor spaces with pavers, pot plants and raised garden beds. Apartment block residents are now choosing to decorate their communal roof areas with greenery. What were once bland rooftops have been transformed into garden oases. This is one landscaping Mornington Peninsula trend we don’t see going away any time soon.

3. Edible gardening

As we all experienced the effects of lockdowns in 2020, many homeowners across the Peninsula took up veggie gardening as a hobby. This has caused a massive surge in interest in edible gardening. We’ve seen many homeowners establish their own vegetable patches and fruit trees to become more self-sufficient. Another big influence of edible gardening is the organic food movement.

While homeowners are looking to grow their own food supply, they’re still interested in making sure their new garden beds look good too. Choosing the right design like a matte black or rustic timber raised garden bed can make a positive contribution to the overall look of the garden. Certain vegetable and fruit varieties can also add a new visual element of interest to a backyard. Think about colourful varieties like rainbow chards, cherry tomatoes, lemon and orange trees.

4. Low maintenance gardens for all seasons

Are you struggling to find enough time in the day to maintain your garden? It’s a common issue amongst homeowners. It’s just one of the reasons why many locals are looking for alternative solutions to landscaping Mornington Peninsula. One neat trick is filling your garden up with perennial plants. Perennial plants are those which come back and flower year after year.

Annual plants often die down after growing for one year. This means you have to completely replace your annual plants every year after they die. Other low maintenance options to consider are drought-tolerant plants like succulents. Popular succulent plants include different species of cacti, jade plants and agave. Many of these still bloom with stunning flowers in spring.

5. Choosing natives

When it comes to landscaping Mornington Peninsula, we’ve found some of the most effective plants are those native to Australia. In Victoria alone, there are thousands of native plants that will flourish in your backyard. These plant varieties are already resilient enough to thrive in the soil and climate conditions of your backyard. With little to no changes that need to be made, growing these plants ends up being very cost-effective. Consider adding the following local plant varieties to your garden:

  • Banksias
  • Gum trees
  • Bottlebrushes
  • Wattles
  • Australian salt grass
  • White correa
  • Seaberry saltbush

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