Lawn care is really important, especially in larger gardens where lawn covers a wide area, there is a need for grass that looks green and healthy.

Finding the time to look after your lawn and provide it with the necessary care can be difficult. However, there are some easy lawn care tips and tricks you can follow at any time, and at your own leisure.

– Aerate your lawn: Your lawn requires oxygen to pass through it and the appropriate nutrients to ensure it is receiving all it needs to thrive. Aerating your lawn will ensure that oxygen, water and fertiliser enter the small soil holes evenly and feed and nourish your lawn appropriately.

– Adjust the cuts: When it comes to cutting your lawn, adjusting how much you cut off the top depending on the climate is important. In colder months, you only want to be cutting at a 1-½ inches cutting height, to ensure that enough sunlight reaches the tip of your lawn and most dead grass is removed. In Summer, raising your blade to about 2 inches cutting height works best.

– Keep your blades sharp: Ensuring that you service your mower and mower blades often, will assist with the care of your lawn. By keeping your blades sharp, your lawn will receive a quality cut that is even and promotes healthy growth.

– Use sprinklers: It is always important to water your lawn and keep it hydrated, especially in warmer months where excessive sunlight and heat can cause your lawn to burn. Using a sprinkler system that can easily cover all patches of lawn will assist with keeping your lawn green and refreshed.

– Invest in weed killers: Depending on how much space your lawn takes up and how much it struggles with excessive weeds. Investing in a quality weed killer spray will work toward killing harmful weeds and growths in your lawn that may be impacting how well it grows.

– Fertilise your lawn: Fertilising your lawn is best done in Spring, when majority of plants and grass are already in natural bloom. The fertilising process will provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to speed up the growth process and keep your grass healthy and green.

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