We all love beautifying our gardens with vibrant and colourful flowers and we all love knowing that our flowers will be easy to grow and easy to care for in the times we may not be able to tend to our gardens.


This is why we, at Jim’s Mowing, have already decided the best flowers for you to grow in your garden this season that are not only easy to grow and care for, but very colourful and beautiful.




One of the easiest flowers to grow in your garden, these flowers reach full potential during the warmer months and can grow up to 14 feet.

Sunflowers have beautiful bright petals that can definitely lighten up your garden.

All sunflowers need in terms of care is clean and sheltered soil as well as stem care procedures to ensure a taller sunflower.




Nigella are extremely simple to plant and grow. All you have to do is sprinkle a few nigella seeds across some bare soil and leave them to it!

Nigella are very self sufficient flowers and are really good at taking care of themselves.

In order to care for a Nigella, they require full sun and watering in dry conditions.

To maintain your Nigella flowers, it is also good to sow between two and three times during Spring and Summer to increase the amount of flowers you get.


Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are not only beautiful, they are extremely fragrant and are a lovely addition to your garden.

Sweet peas large seeds are easy to handle but do require regular sowing to maximise the amount of flowers they produce.

In terms of care, sweet peas require sunny spots, lots of water and support from fences, arches or wooden teepees to increase growth rate and to create a pretty feature.

Regularly pick your sweet peas and they’ll grow even more!




Pretty little pansies, these gorgeous additions to the garden are really colourful, delicate and easy to manage.

Pansies thrive the most in moist and fertile soil as well as being exposed to sunny areas and dappled areas of shade.

To better care and preserve the live and growth of your pansies, it is good to cut off any seed heads that may appear because if pansies go to seed they won’t produce any more flowers.


Californian Poppy

california poppies

Californian poppies are easy to grow and manage as they require minimal care and water.

Californian Poppies thrive and reach full potential in dry and well drained soil with plenty of sun.

Californian poppies require minimal watering and intensive care and are happy sitting in little pockets of your garden!





Aquilegia seeds are easy to grow and once they have reached their full potential they will continue to grow and return year after year on their own!

Introducing Aquilegia into your garden adds a beautiful variety of colour and gorgeous patches of grouped flowers for many years to come.

Aquilegia thrive their best in sun/semi-shaded areas but well-drained soil.




Marigold flowers are an all round favourite in many gardens and add beautiful splashes of colour.

Marigold can be contained and grown in small pot plants or added into small pockets of your garden bed to grow tall.

Marigold seeds grow rapidly and need minimal care. Marigolds reach their full potential in sunny areas and dry soil.

Marigolds can also be grown around tomato plants to repel backflies and other nasty flies from harming tomato plants.

Investing in these easy to grow and manage flowers for your garden will add splashes of colour and brighten up your garden almost instantly, and for many years to come!


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