Prepare your lawn for gardening in Mornington Peninsula

Gardening in the Mornington Peninsula can be challenging in summer. The hot weather can make it hard to keep your lawn healthy and thriving. Neglect watering your garden for too long over summer and your lawn might start turning yellow. To keep your lawn in tip-top shape over summer there’s plenty of things you can do.

It’s not just about watering your lawn on a regular basis. You need to choose the right time of day. There’s also plenty of great fertilisers you can use to provide your lawn with that much-needed nutrients. The level of care your lawn needs also depends on the species you have. So it’s worth looking into your lawn’s specific care requirements for its species.

To help you maintain your lawn over the summer we’re sharing with you our top tips for lawn maintenance. With the right plan and care in place, your lawn can stay green all year long.

Tips for lawn mowing in Mornington

The hot summer weather sparks rapid growth for plants in backyards across the Mornington Peninsula. The lawn is no exception. You may be used to mowing your lawn once a month. But when summer rolls around you might have to mow it every two weeks. The rate you mow your lawn isn’t the only thing you have to worry about in summer.

The length you cut your lawn also plays a big part in its success. The excess heat can place a lot of extra stress on your grass. Luckily your grass has its own defence mechanism for this. As grass grows longer it also generates more shade for the soil below it. This extra shade can help promote root strength and reduce the need to water it so often.

So there’s nothing wrong with cutting your grass consistently. Just make sure you’re cutting it down to a consistent height that allows it to thrive in the hot weather. Adjust your lawn mowing height to between 2-4cm for grass types like Buffalo and Couch. Watch out for grass types such as Fescue, Rye, and Kentucky Bluegrass. They are more suited to cooler seasons and should be cut to a height of 5cm.

How often you should water your lawn

Watering your lawn at the right time is also crucial for it to thrive in Summer. It’s best to focus on deep watering over Summer. So make sure that the surface of your lawn is properly soaked with a layer of water. This ensures water penetrates deep into the soil where it reaches the roots. Aim for deep watering at least twice a week.

For the time of day, we suggest you water your lawn in the morning. It’s a great way to prevent creating an environment that promotes disease. After watering your lawn in the morning the sun will evaporate the excess water remaining on the grass’s leaf blades. Watering at night will leave excess water on the leaf blades and help create an environment for plant diseases and pests to thrive.

Fertilising your lawn

The best time of year to fertilise your lawn is actually in spring and autumn. Your lawn will absorb enough nutrients to thrive by the time summer rolls around. If you haven’t managed to fertilise your lawn in spring then summer isn’t necessarily too late. You just need to be more careful with the fertiliser you choose.

Over summer it’s best to use a controlled-release fertiliser. Applying these fertilisers results in a steady release of nutrients and a slower rate of growth. If you love entertaining at home then try fertilisers made for rapid greening. As the name suggests they can rapidly improve the appearance of your lawn so it can become the centrepiece you want it to be. For the best results, apply this type of fertiliser every three weeks.

Over summer your grass can also experience more stress. This excess stress can be caused by excess heat, increased foot traffic and other activities. So consider giving your lawn added protection over summer with seaweed-based lawn care products. They are specifically designed to protect your lawn against heat stress and stimulate root development.

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