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Jim's Mowing Mornington Peninsula Region
Book Rosebud’s trusted garden maintenance professionals for Lawn Mowing through to Tree Pruning, Rubbish Removal, Gutter Cleaning and more.

Jim’s Mowing is Australia’s #1 home service brand. We are passionate about ensuring your garden and outdoor areas are safe, beautifully presented places to be.

Jim’s Mowing professionals are police checked, insured and Work Health & Safety Compliant.

With a huge range of services on offer, we’re happy to provide countless customers with a high-quality service they can trust, time and time again. Need grass cutting or tree pruning? Rosebud’s community know the value of our services- join our list of happy clients today!

Why Rosebud locals trust our team

We believe in the value of a wide-reaching service that addresses a variety of needs. For many of our clients, our professional services simply provide the chance to get back on top of the gardening, where for others it’s vital assistance that ensures safety and accessibility around the home. We are often the link that ensures outdoor areas are kept neat, safe and tidy for mobility limited customers, and also where agility is an issue when it comes to hazardous tasks like tree pruning and gutter cleaning. Rosebud residents refer to Jim’s Mowing professionals to the reliability and reassurance we provide in getting the job done.

Jim’s Mowing professionals are focused on prioritising safety for our clients and teams at all times. When you book with our professionals, you are reassured of the highest level of competency and ability to carry out required tasks around your home.

We want to make your home a safer, tidier place to be. Don’t put up with the risks associated with overhanging tree limbs or clutter- call us for a quick solution to all your garden upkeep requirements, including tree pruning and rubbish removal! Rosebud and the surrounding areas are encouraged to book with their local Jim’s Mowing professional today.

What can we do for you? Book now for the tidiest garden in Rosebud.

Ready to arrange a single service hard waste removal or ongoing lawn mowing? Rosebud locals trust Jim’s Mowing to consistently deliver on the great services we offer. To experience the convenience and affordability of having Jim’s Mowing professionals take on your to-do list, call us and arrange your free quote today on 1313 546