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Jim's Mowing Mornington Peninsula Region

Maintaining a beautiful garden all year round comes with its challenges. There are so many elements to consider including the lawn, garden beds, and even the gutters. If you don’t have the spare time to take care of your garden, it won’t take long for things to get messy.

Lawns can become overgrown, garden beds can be invaded by weeds and gutters can start getting clogged by leaves. With a professional gardening service like Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula, you can take care of your entire garden. Our professionals can help keep your garden looking its best all year round with a regular garden maintenance schedule that includes lawn mowing in Pearcedale.

With a regular service for lawn mowing in Pearcedale you can rest assured your lawn will stay under control. Regular garden maintenance services like pruning and gutter cleaning in Pearcedale will also ensure your garden is looking it’s best all year round.

Gardening professionals that are insured and work health and safety compliant

Performing many of the tasks in your garden may have an element of risk to your health and safety. Tasks you take for granted like gutter cleaning in Pearcedale put you at heights that are dangerous to fall from. Without the right eye protection you may risk injuring yourself from debris that gets flung around with a lawn mower.

You can rest assured that our gardening experts are work health and safety compliant. They are trained to perform all of their gardening tasks properly to ensure they’re safety along with that of you and your family. Our gardening professionals are also equipped with all the right safety gear to effectively reduce any safety risks associated with the job.

In the unlikely case that something does go wrong, our gardeners are fully insured. This cover ensures that your garden is fully covered for any damage which may occur during a gardening job such as gutter cleaning in Pearcedale.

Gutter cleaning in Pearcedale

Gutter cleaning is one of those gardening tasks that most people tend to overlook. But just because you can’t see the damage being done, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Over the year your house’s gutter can get filled with debris. This buildup can cause serious damage to your house if left unattended.

When there’s a buildup of debris in your roof gutters it can lead to issues such as blockage. When your gutters are blocked, they can no longer remove water efficiently from your roof. When your gutters begin to flood they can cause water damage to your roof which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Blocked roof gutters can also become a fire hazard. If you have a buildup of dry leaves and debris in Summer they can pose a fire risk to your home. It only takes one stray spark to light up all the gutter debris and cause a house fire. So it’s always best to book in a service for gutter cleaning in Pearcedale before and during the warmer months of the year.

Book a garden maintenance service today

Ready to get your backyard back in shape? A few gardening services like our lawn mowing in Pearcedale can help sort things out. It’s the combination of all our gardening services together that provides one convenient solution for all your gardening needs.

Our gardening professionals can also provide a maintenance schedule for your garden. Depending on your garden’s features there are particular services you may only need on a monthly or bi-monthly basis like gutter cleaning or pruning.

If you’re not sure about pricing then don’t be afraid to give us a call on 131 546. Our team can provide you with a free quote on any of our gardening services available in Pearcedale today.