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Jim's Mowing Mornington Peninsula Region

Worried about the state of your backyard? It’s easy to let things slip when you don’t take care of all those essential garden maintenance tasks. Miss out on mowing the lawn or pruning the bushes and your backyard could end up looking like a jungle. The scary thing is it doesn’t take long to get to that point. No matter where you are in the Mornington Peninsula, there’s a great gardening service you can call on for help.

Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of gardening services in Cape Shanck. There are plenty of options to choose from including lawn mowing, Gutter Cleaning, and Pruning in Cape Shanck. One of the things we’re all about is providing you with an all-in-one gardening solution. Book us in for one visit and our gardening professionals can care of everything in one go.

After your first Jim’s Mowing service we can advise you on how often you actually need a professional gardening service. Our gardeners will assess the plants and trees in your backyard and recommend how often you need a service for maintenance and peace of mind. We can set up a garden maintenance schedule to help you take the guesswork out of gardening.

Why choose a Jim’s Mowing professional?

We believe the quality of our service comes down to the high calibre of staff we employ. All of our professional gardeners go through extensive training before they can come and work for us. Jim’s training involves all the essential tasks such as Lawn Mowing and Pruning. Our professional gardeners are also fully insured and undergo a police check for your peace of mind.

All of our gardening professionals also have work health and safety training. They understand how to carry out their job in the safest way possible for your protection. Each gardener also attains first aid training to cover any emergency situations.

A wide range of gardening services available

We understand the needs of your backyard can vary. Not every yard has the same type of trees and bushes. Some yards don’t even have real grass! No matter what your backyard is like, we guarantee there’s a gardening service we offer that can do it justice.

Need a hedging and pruning service? We’ve got you covered. Our professional gardeners understand how to carry out Pruning in Cape Shanck. They have the knowledge and tools to assess the needs of your plants. They can recommend the right time for pruning your plants. They know how to carry out pruning that will ensure your hedges grow back stronger and healthier.

When it comes to Lawn Mowing in Cape Shanck, you’re in safe hands too. Our professional gardeners have all the right tools and knowledge to take care of your lawn. After mowing your lawn, our gardeners can carry out additional care services such as weed and pest control. They can also provide additional top dressing and fertilising treatments to help your lawn grow back stronger than ever.

Call us today for a free quote

Like what you’ve heard about us so far? Why not give us a go? For over ten years Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula has provided professional gardening services to the locals of Cape Shanck. Backyards are looking greener and healthier than ever before. Ready to restore your backyard to its former glory? Call 131 546 today to book a professional gardening service in Cape Shanck.