It’s finally October and isn’t everything looking just phenomenal.? All that new growth, an explosion of every shade of green – our gardens are gearing up to thrive at the most productive time of year. Although spring tends to be the time when most gardens look good, it can quickly get out of hand, making things a lot more difficult to control once the increasingly dry heat of summer kicks in.

It’s a busy time for even the most practised and organised gardeners, and if you’re not sure about how to time garden maintenance for great results, you can end up needing to return to the same job – or the results you get might not be the best. We’ve put together a handy Spring ‘To-Do’ tip-list for you to reference during October:  make these jobs a priority this month and you’re well on your way to a springtastic garden that’s healthy, teeming with all the right growth and looking absolutely fantastic around the clock.

Jobs to tackle Right Now:


Keep on Top of that Lawn.

Did your freshly mowed lawn re-grow overnight? You’re not dreaming – lawn in very enthusiastic about spring and grows at an incredible rate under the standard early spring conditions. Weekly mowing might not be your idea of a good time, (call us if it’s not!) but it’s going to set you up for healthy lush growth, rather than clumpy overgrowth that makes your lawn look uneven.

Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

The last thing a lawn-proud person wants is for the summer sun to bake their backyard into an impenetrable brick-pit. Aerating encourages good growth, moisture retention and strong roots, all components of a vigorous lawn. Get familiar with fertiliser for maximum nutrient absorption and a glossy green place to appreciate on those warm and balmy afternoons.

Set up a Feast for your Fruit-Trees

Love eating summer fruit? A little extra attention paid to your fruit trees brings about fabulous returns. Invest in a good quality established tree-feed and remind yourself of how much sweeter and healthier that fruit will be when the time comes to pick it!

Mulch Away!

Now is definitely the time to prepare with a decent mulch. If you’re not so familiar with best mulching practice, some important things to remember are never to heap mulch around the base of a tree ( it may cause trunk-rot or encourage damage from pests), keep the depth below 3 inches, and ask for help if you aren’t sure the mulch you’re going to use will do the job you need it to.


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