Low maintenance gardens don’t have to be concrete wonderlands. If you’re a garden lover with limited time to spend outside, spring can be a challenging time of year. While we’ll take care of all that regular maintenance like lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, rubbish removal and more, having a garden that is well adapted to long periods without ongoing attention is simply a matter of choosing wisely, then sitting back and enjoying the view.

If you’re putting off cultivating a garden because the thought of pruning, watering and maintenance is all too much, a native garden is likely your best bet. It can be tough to orchestrate fine-tuning in the garden when you have plenty time, let alone not much time at all- but none of this means you should eschew the idea of having a garden to be envied.

Native Gardens Are PERFECT for Those with Hectic Lifestyles.

Plant selection is the most critical factor in a low-maintenance garden, so this month, we’ll look at some great garden performers for those who want the lot – for a little work.

Sturdy, hardy and breathtaking Australian native plants stand a much better chance of survival than introduced species that might be resource-gobblers or time consuming to tend to. Australian natives have evolved over a long period of time to cope with challenging drought periods, blistering heat and in other cases, full shade. All this makes them the time-poor gardeners’ best friend.

  • Correa

A low-lying, flowering shrub up to a meter in height. Sports lovely bell-shaped blooms and attracts native birds.

  • Grevillea

Choose a shape and colour to suit you! Grevillea is the superstar of Aussie natives, both drought and frost tolerant needing good drainage but little water once established.

  • Woolly Bush

Sometimes known as Silver Streak, this lovely soft shrub is often used as a native Aussie Christmas tree. It will happily survive without complaints in poor dry soil once established.

  • Kangaroo Paw

This Aussie favourite needs only a little extra water during summer and spring to vitalise blooms but will do perfectly in full sun with good drainage.

  • Everlasting Daisies

As the name suggests, everlasting daisies are the bloom that just keeps giving. In varied shades of yellow, orange, pink and white, everlasting daisies love the sun and sandy soil. They add a splash of excitement in any garden for very little love.

  • Flowering Gums

Show us a plant that can rival the majestic beauty of an Australian Flowering Gum! Breathtaking colour and structure at their peak make flowering gum varieties ideal for gardens where enough space is available. Be mindful of how tall a flowering gum will grow before planting!

Not only do these varieties do well in the specifically Australian climate, they’re also attractive to native birds and wildlife, which means anyone who plants them plays an active role in supporting the natural diet of our beloved native fauna. Why not make a trip to your local nursery to find out more about the natives that tend to do well in your location today!

Let Us Take Care of The Mowing- Just Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces!

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