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Jim's Mowing Mornington Peninsula Region

Jim’s Hedging & Pruning

“Hedging and pruning can really add a wow factor to your home garden. The difference that hedging and pruning can make is really unbelievable. Add to your garden’s attraction factor with our hedging and pruning service today!


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Hedging, Pruning & Tree Removal in the Mornington Peninsula

How often do you trim your trees and bushes? It’s a gardening job that’s easy to overlook. Regular hedging and pruning are vital for the long-term health of the plants, shrubs and trees in your garden. Gardening tasks like tree pruning can stimulate new growth, it can also help to defend your trees against pests and diseases.

However, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could end up making your plants and trees grow incorrectly, in the wrong shape and perhaps even become a hazard. So maybe it’s time to call in the professionals? Have you been asking yourself this question; is there a tree or hedge trimming service near me?

At Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula, we have all the equipment and know-how to get your plants and trees in better shape. We don’t just take care of tree pruning. We also provide a hedge trimming Mornington Peninsula service. We can take care of all your hedges, bushes, and small trees in the backyard.


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Our professional gardeners can prune and trim your roses, plants, shrubs, and fruit trees. Your larger trees may be interfering with power lines, roads or footpaths. These are the ones that require special attention. If the health of the tree in your local area is really far gone it may require a Mornington tree removal service. This is usually the case when branches are dying or become too weak. Weak branches pose a significant risk to the safety of you, your family, and your neighbours. In some cases, the entire tree may be too weak. Pests and disease can ravage your tree trunk and make the whole structure of the tree weaker and prone to collapsing and falling over.

To protect your home from any weak or dying trees it’s best to call the professionals for help. Your Jim’s Mowing professional can organise for an arborist (or tree specialist) to assess your needs and undertake this tricky and sometimes dangerous task on your behalf. They can perform an extensive Mornington tree removal service. And that’s it. That’s your tree trimming sorted for another year.

Most plants and trees have specific pruning and hedging needs. When it comes to providing our hedge trimming Mornington Peninsula service, we make sure our gardeners have all the right tools on hand. Using tools like hand pruners, hedge clippers, tree pruning loppers and electrical hedge trimmers, our gardeners will use the right techniques that encourage optimum growth. Once the job is finished, our professional team will clean up and ensure that all debris has been taken away. This cleanup includes taking away cuttings, branches or an entire tree from your property.

Most people are hesitant when it comes to climbing ladders so if you have tall trees, shrubs and hedges that need attention, it may be wise to call in a professional. Don’t put yourself at risk of injury! All our skilled professionals are fully trained to carry tree trimming and hedge trimming Mornington Peninsula jobs safely. On the off chance that something does go wrong, our gardeners are covered by liability insurance. This cover includes our Mornington tree removal, hedging, and pruning services.

If you want to enhance the overall look of your home and garden and take care of your investment, why not leave it to the professionals? For all your hedging and tree pruning Mornington Peninsula needs, call 131 546 and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you with your enquiry.



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Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula Region services everywhere from Edithvale to Point Nepean, if you’re on the peninsula there will be a Jim’s Mowing nearby to help you out.

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