Easy steps for keeping it in excellent working condition

If you live in Red Hill or anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula, the chances are you’re not too far from the beach, and there can be significant salt in the air.

High saline environments can cause rust to accumulate on your lawnmower, resulting in malfunctions and disrepair.

But there’s one thing that you can do to help keep your lawnmower in top condition – lawnmower maintenance.

Read on to find out what you need to know about this topic.


Do Lawnmower Maintenance Regularly

It is essential to engage in lawnmower maintenance regularly to keep your experience of lawnmowing in Mornington Peninsula convenient and easy.

You should always brush your lawnmower down after every mowing session in Red Hill and the surrounding area so that grass doesn’t build up on the machine.

But before you do any lawnmower maintenance, ensure that you remove the spark plug so that the mower doesn’t turn on while you are attending to it.

Here are some basic tasks when it comes to lawnmower maintenance in Red Hill, Victoria:

  • replace the oil
  • switch out the spark plug
  • change the air filter
  • sharpen and balance blades
  • fog the engine

We will go into more detail on these tasks below.

These chores may seem fiddly, but they can drastically extend the life of your lawnmower and make lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula a more satisfying experience.


Replace the oil

It’s a good idea to change your oil if it looks like it could be contaminated or if it appears to be too viscous and thick.

After you stop lawnmowing in Mornington Peninsula for the season, it’s a great time to remove the drain plug on the oil tank and drain out the oil.

If your mower doesn’t have a drain plug, you’ll need to orient the mower on its side so that the oil can leave via the fill hole.

After the oil has drained out completely, you can continue to conduct lawnmower maintenance in Red Hill by replacing the plug or putting the mower around the right way and refilling the machine with new oil.

Consult your mower’s manual if you’re unsure what oil to use.


Switch out the spark plug

The spark plug starts your mower, which is why it is essential that you remove it before you do any lawnmower maintenance.

Lawnmower spark plugs tend to wear out quickly over time while lawnmowing in Mornington Peninsula.

But if you live in Red Hill or anywhere else in Mornington Peninsula, you should be able to find some spark plugs relatively cheaply.

They are simple to change. Just use a wrench to remove the old spark plug and add the new one.

Be careful not to tighten the new spark plug too much, or your mower won’t start.


Change the air filter

Air filters have a significant effect on the performance of your machine while lawnmowing in Mornington Peninsula or even in Red Hill.

They are cheap to buy yet crucial to the operation of your lawnmower, and thus changing your air filter is an essential step in lawnmower maintenance.

Removable filters need to be replaced, while permanent filters demand a good clean regularly.

The efficiency of your lawnmower in Red Hill is dependent on the condition of your air filter, as it supports the engine’s performance.

See your lawnmower owner’s manual for directions on changing or cleaning your filter.


Sharpen and balance the blades

For lawnmowing in Mornington Peninsula, including Red Hill, to go as smoothly as possible, you must ensure that your lawnmower blades are sharp and balanced.

If your blades aren’t sharp enough, you could rip your lawn leaves, which is terrible for lawn health as it invites disease in.

Your blades need to be sufficiently sharp, which is vital for lawnmower maintenance.

It will help keep your lawn healthy.

Are you wondering how else to keep your lawn in tip-top shape?

Read our article ‘Avoid these lawnmowing mistakes for a healthier lawn.’


Fog the engine

You may not have heard of this lawnmowing maintenance step before, but it’s vital for reducing the amount of moisture that comes into contact with the engine.

It involves removing the engine housing and covering the carburetor and spark plug insides with a spray of fogging oil.

The resulting waxy coating helps keep moisture out of the engine, which allows it to run smoothly.


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