Having lush trees around your home is a joy for most of the year. But when autumn rolls around your backyard can get messy with leaves dropping everywhere. Cleaning up the leaves from your lawn is easy but what about the ones on your roof? Too often homeowners neglect this area of gardening. When your roof gets littered with leaves it’s only a matter of time until they start to clog up your gutters.

Throughout the year your gutters can get filled with all sorts of natural debris including leaves, dirt, mould and even weeds. Leave your gutters unchecked for long enough and serious damage can occur. Your gutters can become a breeding ground for pests that slowly make their way into your roof. When heavy rainfall sets in your gutters can overflow and start flooding your roof. Flooding can lead to extra moisture in your roof which causes mould.

We could share with you all sorts of horror stories for messy gutters we’ve dealt with during gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula jobs. All you really need to know is how important it is to stay on top of your gutter maintenance. Keeping your gutters clean and clear throughout the year could save you thousands in property damage and all-round maintenance.

To help you look after your gutters at home, we’re sharing with you our top gutter cleaning tips. Follow this advice and you can help take care of your roof without the risk of costly damage

Secure safe access to your gutters

Gutters are usually so high that they’re out of reach for the average person. To clean your gutters properly you’ll need a way to reach them safely. The safest way to access a gutter would be to use scaffolding. But scaffolding isn’t really a common household item that everyone has.

A common access solution for gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula is using a ladder. Just make sure that your ladder is securely placed on the ground to avoid awkward wobbles and movement. Your ladder needs to be adjusted high enough so you can see into the gutters. Also, consider using a tool holder to provide easy access to all your gutter cleaning tools.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools can help make your gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula task a lot easier. It’s also important to think about using tools that will help protect you during the gutter cleaning process. A strong pair of gloves can help protect your hands from scratches and dirt during the cleaning process.

Hanging a bucket on your ladder will give you an easy option for emptying the excess dirt and leaves from your gutter. A cylindrical brush is a perfect tool to use for scraping out excess dirt and leaves. For any dirt buildup that’s hard to scrape, try using a hose or pressure cleaner. Just be cautious of where you’re spraying this water. You don’t want to risk flooding your gutters and causing water damage to your roof.

Using the right cleaning process

Taking the right approach to cleaning your gutters is essential. One of the best ways to go about gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula is to do it in stages. During the first stage focus on removing garden debris such as leaves, twigs, and nests. Net up you’ll want to focus on blasting away anything that’s stuck to your gutters lick heavy mud and soil.

One of the best ways to clean away soil is to use a hose. Safely run your hose up the ladder and make sure it’s stable. Then run water through the length of your gutter to blast away whatever waste is leftover. Try and do this process at least twice a year. Take special care to monitor your gutters in autumn when leaves will generally start to fall.

Call the experts for a gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula service.

Here at Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula, we provide all the essential gardening services you need. Our service range includes gutter cleaning. Our experts have all the right tools for the job. They also have the right training. They know how to safely and efficiently perform a gutter cleaning service.

When you start to weigh up your options it’s obvious. Booking a Jim’s gutter cleaning Mornington Peninsula service is the way to go. It’s a safer and faster option for you. So why not give yourself a break and let the professionals handle everything? It’s one less thing you have to worry about. To book our gutter cleaning service or get a free quote, simply call 131 546 today.