When it comes to gardening in Mornington Peninsula, there is one foe that we all face: weeds. They get in the gaps between your walkways, in your driveways, and threaten to throttle your tomato plants. Not to mention what they can do to your lawns!

If you’ve had it up to here with weeds, then don’t worry because in this article we cover some easy and non-toxic ways to get rid of weeds and stop them from spreading. If you’re interested in lawn care in Mornington Peninsula, then you’re not going to want to miss this

When you’re gardening in the Mornington Peninsula, one of the best tools to have in your toolkit is a foolproof method or two to use when you want to get rid of weeds. And we’re not talking about resorting to chemicals either. There are plenty of tips for lawn care in the Mornington Peninsula that don’t involve reaching for toxins in order to rid your lawn of weeds.

Cover the ground

Gardening in Mornington Peninsula would not be the same without mulch. It’s simple but a plant saver for many gardeners, and can be an effective way to diminish weed growth.

You might be wondering what kinds of materials can be used as mulch while gardening in Mornington Peninsula. Usually, decaying leaves, compost bark, and wood chips are used to cover the ground and crowd out weeds.

These kinds of mulch keep the ground cool and moist. They also prevent weeds from getting a hold because they block out the sunlight weeds need for growth.

Adding some mulch is one of the best ways to get rid of weeds as it is eco-friendly and actually adds nutrition to the soil. Just reapply a couple of times a year as it breaks down.

There are other ways of covering the ground to crowd out weeds, some people use old shower curtains or pieces of carpet then cover with mulch, however, just the mulch on its own does a fine job.

Lawn care 101

When the weeds are located in your lawn there are a few techniques you can try to get rid of them. You can simply pull them out by the root if there are only a few of them. You may want to use a weed puller to protect your back and knees.

Another idea when it comes to lawn care in Mornington Peninsula is to simply mow your lawn regularly, stopping weeds from growing high and seeding over your lawn. There’s a balance to be had between mowing the lawn too frequently and not mowing it enough.

If you don’t mow it enough, the weeds will go to seed and spread themselves in your lawn. But if you mow too much, you can weaken your lawn and encourage weeds to grow in bald patches where you have cut the grass too short.

In general, cutting grass too short negatively affects your lawn, as it stops the grass from being able to photosynthesise easily. For the best lawn care in Mornington Peninsula, aim for a medium length of grass when you cut your lawn.

Lawn care in Mornington Peninsula also involves how you dispose of lawn cuttings that contain weeds and weed seeds. You should never put them in your compost, but get rid of them via your green bin. That will stop seeds from being carried back to your flower beds in the compost.

Eco-friendly weed solutions

There are numerous non-toxic weed killers you can try, the ingredients of which you may already have around the house. The most basic option is to use boiling water to kill weeds by pouring it over them. This is great for weeds in driveways or walkways.

You can also try vinegar which contains acetic acid, acting as a desiccant it dries plants out, and is most effective on young plants with shallow roots. You need to be careful when using vinegar as it will kill your prized plants just as well as killing weeds, so make sure you don’t get any vinegar where it’s not wanted.

You may have some baking soda in your pantry, which not only helps baked goods rise, but can also help dispense of unsightly weeds in your garden.

While this tip is not one for lawn care in Mornington Peninsula as it can also affect surrounding lawn, on areas like pathways and driveways, baking soda can be an effective weed deterrent.

Even flower beds are a good place to use baking soda as you can wet the leaves of the weeds you want to target. These simple techniques make gardening in Mornington Peninsula doable whether you are a full-time or part-time green thumb.

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