Winter gardening tips to get ready for spring

Winter is when there is the least activity around your garden, but it still needs sprucing at the right times to keep it healthy. This year, we’re seeing extra rainfall that’s a blessing for gardening in Mornington Peninsula. Your garden will need to handle the extra moisture as well as guard itself from the cold.

The most important part of winter gardening is to keep your plants and lawn happy and healthy, so they flourish when spring arrives. So make sure to bundle up, and follow these essential tips to keep your garden going through the winter.

Keep the weeds away

Though rain is always a welcome sight, it also leads to an increase in weeds. Lawn weeds are the most stubborn to get rid of while gardening in Mornington Peninsula, and it is best done by hand. But the effort will be worth it when your lawn looks fresh and healthy in spring and summer. Make sure you pull out the whole root, or use a garden hoe for larger areas. This will ensure they don’t germinate when the climate gets warmer, and is the first step to good winter gardening.

Feed your soil well

Just as we stated in our autumn lawn care article, regular application of fertiliser and mulch is ideal for winter gardening. The colder months are when nutrients are less readily available for the soil, and your lawn especially risks dying out. If you have dry autumn leaves piled up and stocked, they will make excellent compost. Applying mulch and compost generously also prevents soil erosion in rainy weather. And don’t forget to regularly check the pH of your soil.

Rotate your vegetables

If you have a kitchen garden, it’s always best to grow seasonal vegetables when the time is right. Winter is actually the best time to grow leafy greens such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and bok choy. These are just a few of the popular examples for gardening in Mornington Peninsula. Another good option is root vegetables. Carrots, beets and turnips flourish well through both autumn and winter.

Try an indoor garden

Winter gardening doesn’t have to be restricted to the outdoors. This is a good time to start an indoor herb garden, or a temperature-controlled space to grow some native plants. Make sure you keep your indoor plants close to the windows, and let them get as much natural light and heat as possible. Be sure not to water them too much, but make sure they do not dry out if the house gets chilly.

Get your chores done

While your garden remains inactive in the cold season, this is the perfect time to do any major chores you may have been putting off. This can be something as simple as relocating plants, or as complex as redesigning your garden’s layout. Make sure to also get rid of any dead stems, branches, or vines so they can grow well in spring. There’s plenty of potential with winter gardening: you can set up new garden beds or an irrigation system to get ready for spring and summer.

Need help with winter gardening? Call Jim’s Mowing

If the cold weather is keeping you behind on gardening in Mornington Peninsula, Jim’s Mowing is just a call away. Whether you need a lawn mowing service, or weed removal, we offer the best in garden care all year round.

We can help your garden get ready for the warm weather by making it look its best in winter. Contact us today to know more!