Garden pests are common all year round, especially during Summer when bugs and insects seek shade and food they attach themselves to plants and trees causing disruption and damage to your garden.

It is very important to take care of your garden regularly to avoid harmful garden pests from hibernating on your plants. However, if your garden does become home to unwanted pests, there are certain at home easy steps to follow to combat against all bugs.

Here is how you can tell which pests are harmful to your garden and the signs:

  • Deformed and crinkled leaves are caused by Aphids
  • Chewed leaves are caused by Beetles and Caterpillars
  • Brown or purple growths formed on leaves are caused by Wasps, Aphids and Mites
  • White trails and patterns on leaves are caused by Beetles, Moths and Larvae moths
  • Chewed leaves and slimy texture are caused by Slugs and Snails

Here are some handy tips on how to tackle unwanted pests from damaging your garden and plants:

  • Ensure healthy soil: By looking after the soil your plants grow in by appropriately distributing the right amount of nutrients, water and oxygen to the soil will ensure that it is highly fertile and will protect plants from any harm.
  • Mulching: Add between two and four inches worth of mulch to plants that are more prone to gaining high moisture and excessive sun. By doing this, moisture will be balanced and absorbed from the plant making for a healthier plant that won’t attract harmful pests due to high moisture levels.
  • Hand-pick: For a more affordable approach to preventing pests is to hand-pick visible insects, eggs etc. from leaves, this can be a very strenuous task and is only suggested if damage to plants is less serious and clearly visible.
  • Water pressure spray: High pressured water and steam sprays are very effective at destroying and removing aphids and other mites from your plants.
  • Insecticide: Most common form of an efficient and effective removal of any type of harmful pest and insect. Investing in an insecticidal spray or highly diluted soap will remove insects from plants. However, this must be mixed with water as it may cause further damage to plants.
  • Garlic: For a non-toxic approach to tending to harmful pests on your garden and plants, making an at home garlic spray can assist as an insect repellant. Use two pureed garlic bulbs, pour boiling water over garlic in a large bowl, allow to absorb overnight and then place the garlic solution into a spray bottle and simply spray over any leaves that are compromised by pests.


Pests in the garden are very common and although frustrating, there are many ways in which you can work to combat harmful bugs and insects from damaging your plants.

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