Starting a small business and guiding it towards a successful enterprise is often more challenging than setting up a corporate business. The major distinguishing factor is that one person is responsible for every aspect of a small business. On the other hand, for a larger business, you have different people taking care of varying disciplines of the business. Therefore, the first step to setting up a successful small business is going through a quality learning curve. Thankfully, today’s digital world has a sea of resources and what you need is the know-how to dig in and pick what you need.

To help you further with enhancing your lawn mowing services through creative ideas, we have culled out some useful tips to help you along the way. Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula is a highly successful Australian business and you can gather a wide range of information on lawn mowing and Garden care service when you visit their site.

Let us now consider some of the creative ideas to improve your lawn mowing business and Garden care service.

Canvassing business all by yourself is one method that suits most beginners. While this approach may involve a significant amount of leg work, it is relatively inexpensive and you have room to consider more expensive marketing tools like Google Adwords or similar tools once you have adequate disposable income. Earning from the business and spending part of your profits to promote the business further is the way to go.


Lawn mowing is a business focused on your local area. If your business operates from Sydney, your focus will be Sydney and her neighborhoods. You will have limited ability to cater to other cities or towns, at least until you have grown big enough to have franchisees in different locations. Start by networking with similar businesses like carpet cleaning, plumbing, electrical, house cleaning etc. in your local area. 

Look for businesses that have established themselves and have a regular clientele. Demonstrate your skills in lawn mowing and explain the benefits of partnering with you. If you are offering cash benefits to the partner, make sure that you also receive a share of profit from businesses that you find for your partner. Over a period of time, both parties will spend the only negligible amount of money for the referrals.

Let your neighborhood know

Personally visit all homes with a decent lawn in your neighborhood and drop your calling card and remember to collect their contact information for follow-up. Identify lawns that need mowing now, and follow up with the home-owners. Do remember that the lawn itself did not come up yesterday and therefore the homeowner will have an ongoing arrangement with another service provider. Therefore, it will take time before you get your first customer. Persist with your efforts because every successful business has had its share of teething trouble.

Marketing flyers

Create some marketing flyers and distribute them personally among all homeowners in your neighbourhood who need Garden care service. Leave some of these flyers with businesses dealing in garden care equipment and supplies.

Take your friends and family into confidence

Let the members of your family, friends, and their extended families know that you are in the business of lawn mowing. Think of an inexpensive gift to keep them motivated every time they refer a customer to you.

Focus on customer service

The best marketing channel is satisfied customers referring to other potential customers. Therefore, ensure that you are always focused on customer service. Remember that one dissatisfied customer can cause serious damage to your business apart from the loss of reputation.

Ensure that every single call is answered

In the old world, it was difficult to answer customer calls or respond to emails when you are at work. But modern technology has brought a sea change to this situation with Bluetooth and other technologies that facilitate hands-free handling of phone calls. Make the best use of these technologies to reassure the customer or potential customer that you have heard them and that you will respond to their request in some time. Most people will appreciate a quick response and wait for you to speak to them as soon as you finish the work on hand.

Social media

Starting a Facebook business page is easy and inexpensive. There are other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Quora etc that are free to join and work with. But, before you start with them, go through a learning curve to understand how you can exploit these platforms. You can also use YouTube to upload some marketing videos to attract customers for your lawn mowing business. However, social media accounts may take significant time before you start getting any business out of the effort. But, do visit your pages regularly and respond to queries promptly.

Know your customers

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your building your lawn mowing business. Do know that every customer may not pay you upon completion of the job. Therefore, just as customers would do a background check before engaging your services, you can also discreetly check if other service providers in your business have any negative opinion about a particular customer you plan to work with. You can also discreetly check with your network to ensure that you are working with a reliable customer.  Whenever possible, seek at least a part of your charges as advance before you start work. Having a written contract can help avoid unpleasant customers.

Competing on price

Try to have a uniform pricing policy linked to the time required to complete a job. Offering prices significantly lower than the competition can hurt the progress of your business over time. Such a measure can also lead to hurried jobs and unhappy customers. On the other hand, sticking to a firm price will enhance your standing and respect in the market.

Your lawn mowing pieces of equipment

Resist the temptation to invest in brand new lawn mowing pieces of equipment unless you have adequate financial resources to sustain over several months or perhaps even years. Remember that your customers do not ask for brand new pieces of equipment. While you can find used types of equipment at a fraction of the cost of new pieces of equipment, you should ensure that these are maintained perfectly.


Before launching yourself into your lawn mowing business, ensure that you are aware of the legal requirements in your region and that you comply with them fully. Most customers would also expect you to carry appropriate insurance to protect them from any eventuality. Similarly, if you also employ others to execute jobs for customers, you should know relevant laws and comply with them to avoid potential conflicts.