In Melbourne, it is almost a certainty that you are going to face a number home gutterof seasons throughout one day. With the unpredictable change in temperatures, knowing how to prepare yourself for the months ahead is a challenging task. Preparing your house to face the inconsistent elements in Melbourne is a task that is practically impossible.


Majority of Australians are unaware of the risks that are involved in not maintaining your roof gutters. Gutters are applied to every home either on the inside or outside of the roof. Their job is to clear water running off the roof of your house and into the drainage. Without cleaning your gutters, your house may encounter a number of problems due to the gutters not being able to complete their job.


Cleaning your gutters is a task that should take place twice a year, once before winter and the other before summer. This is for a number of different reasons, all can be costly, and some can be life-threatening.

Cleaning Gutter

The first risk is clogged gutters. Occurring predominately after Autumn and in the midst of Winter, a clogged gutter can result in an unwanted indoor swimming pool. Think of gutters as an underground pipe but on your roof. If too much of the wrong material is being pushed through, it will lead to damage. Ultimately for gutters, instead of your pipes bursting underground, they will overflow either into your house or if you’re lucky, outside.

Another reason to clear your gutters before winter or a huge down poor is the risk of rusting and cracking. Like any metal, long exposure to water will result in your gutters rusting. Gutters were made to transfer water, they were not made to hold it. Having blocked gutters will retain a puddle of water which will result in erosion. This in return leads to leaking gutters which can evolve into flooded houses. Not only will it mean you have to clean your gutters but you will also have to replace them resulting in a high cost.

In the summertime, the consequences of a dirty gutter can conclude in much higher dangers. Every summer, Melbourne regions such as the Mornington Peninsula is plagued with bushfires. Having gutters that are littered with leaves and sticks ultimately determines the roof of your house be inundated with kindle. Businesses such as Jims Mowing provide gutter cleaning services that keep you safe from the task and safe from the risks. Before any summer, it is important to get your gutters cleaned to avoid losing your home.

Cleaning your gutters twice a year may sound repetitive and unnecessary until you look at the consequences. It is always better to be safe than sorry and hire a gutter cleaning service every six months.