Your backyard at home can be so versatile. It could be your go-to spot for entertaining guests or unwinding on the weekend. It might also be where you take up your hobby for gardening and being self-sustainable with your own vegetable patch. Whatever you do with your backyard, few can argue how good it looks to have a natural lawn. The lush greenery of a lawn can make your home look a lot calmer and easier on the eye. But have you ever wondered how the type of lawn you have can affect your backyard?

Different lawn types have their own unique advantages. Especially when it comes to landscaping in Mornington Peninsula. Some lawn species are more resilient than others. Certain lawn types can be more resilient than others and lend themselves well to home entertaining than others. You’ll also find some lawn types are better suited to warm or windy climates which you’ll find challenging to deal with when landscaping in Mornington Peninsula.

After years of owning your own home, you may notice that your lawn continues to die off, become patchy or just fail to thrive in hot weather conditions. Keeping your lawn in pristine condition can be a lot to do with maintenance. Correct watering, lawn mowing, and fertilising is crucial. But one of the most important things you should do is select the right type of lawn. With the right species of lawn in your backyard, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to maintain it.

What to consider when choosing a new lawn

If your lawn has failed to thrive in your backyard it’s important to understand why. Here are just a few things to consider:

Foot traffic

Some lawns can’t handle the wear and tear that comes with regular foot traffic. If you constantly have visitors walking on your lawn this could cause significant wear and tear. The same can be said for active kids who love to play in the backyard on a regular basis.

Surrounding plants

When you start adding more garden beds, trees and bushes it can really enhance the look of your backyard. Unfortunately, it may not be such good news for your lawn. Additional garden features like trees can begin to create shade and block out the necessary sunlight your lawn needs for nutrients. Surrounding plants can also start sucking out the nutrients and moisture from the soil that your lawn is trying to feed on. This in turn can also have an adverse effect on your lawn’s health.

Neglecting your lawn

Sometimes it’s neglect that can have an effect on your lawn. If you’re not regularly feeding, weeding, or watering your lawn, there’s a good chance it won’t thrive throughout the year. But keep in mind there are more resilient lawn types that don’t require as much maintenance and care as others.

Soil quality

The quality of soil in your backyard has a lot to do with the health of your lawn. Different soil types also lend themselves to better or worse conditions for growing lawns. Heavy clay or sandy soil types tend to be very insufficient for lawn. The quality of your soil can be improved in order to create a more fertile environment for grass to thrive. If you’re used to landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, you’ll know it’s quite common for backyards to have sandy soil thanks to their close proximity to the coast.


Some areas of Melbourne are more prone to rainfall than others. Regular rainfall can make maintaining a lawn much easier. The more rainfall there is, the less time you’ll have to worry about watering your lawn. From so many years spent landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, we can confirm that the area does receive a good dose of rainfall throughout the year. Precipitation and rainfall in Mornington are usually quite favourable with an average of about 795 mm/31.3 inches per year.

Seeded or instant turf

Today we are spoilt for options when it comes to growing natural lawn. Two of the most popular options are growing a lawn from seed or installing turf rolls. Growing a lawn from seed can be very time consuming and requires lots of initial care. The soil needs to be prepared before you can sow the seeds. It can take months before a seeded lawn grows out, matures, and is strong enough to be walked on. Turf rolls are a lot faster and easier to establish. In as little as one week, a rolled-out lawn should be strong enough to have people walking on it. The only disadvantage here is that rolled lawn can be a lot more expensive compared to seeded lawn.

3 lawn varieties to consider for the Mornington Peninsula

If you’re ready to start shopping around for lawn, here are our top three suggestions. Many of these are resilient lawn types that lend themselves to drought tolerance and their ability for self-repair.



  • Fast-growing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Resistant to drought
  • A great option for larger areas

Soft-leaved Buffalo


  • Good at self-repairing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Resistant to drought
  • A great option for larger areas



  • Good at self-repairing
  • Tolerant to drought and salt
  • Low watering needs once established
  • Thrives in heat, humidity, and coastal areas

Get professional advice from your local lawn experts

Still not sure about which lawn is right for your backyard? Here at Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula, we offer a local lawn care service. Our professional gardeners can assess your lawn and recommend the best steps to take. There may be maintenance options they can suggest and carry out to help restore the health of your backyard lawn.

In some cases. It’s better to have a fresh start. Our gardening experts can recommend the best lawn variety to install in your backyard. Our gardeners have years of experience when it comes to landscaping in Mornington Peninsula. They have the experience and knowledge to carry out a new turf installation. They can prepare the area, lay the new turf down, and provide ongoing care to ensure it continues to thrive throughout the year. Call us today on 131 546 to get your lawn inspected by one of our professional gardeners.