It’s no secret that winter can take a toll on your garden. The erratic weather and chilly temperatures are a sign of our gardens losing their autumn glow and preparing for the harsh three months ahead. Often overlooked, winter garden care is just as important as it is in the warmer months. In fact, caring for your garden in the winter time will put it in good stead for summer and may result in less maintenance in the long-run. Winter care will ensure that when spring does come around, your garden is primed to shine. Here are our top winter garden care tips:



When it comes to watering your garden is winter, less is more! Due to the excessive amounts of moisture in the air due to rain and cold, your watering regime should be decreased to avoid putting unnecessary moisture in the soil. Your garden and lawn will signal to you when it needs to be watered, if at all. It’s always good to keep in mind, that a sign of dryness is the leaves curling, if you notice this then give your garden a light watering. Over-watering your garden and lawn will over saturate the landscape with water and could have a detrimental effect to the plants and trees in your garden.



Fertilising is an essential part of landscape management. Not only does fertiliser promote growth and restoration but it also provides the nutrients your garden needs to thrive. Winter can really deplete your garden of the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Here at Jim’s Mowing we can increase your garden’s nutrient retention and enhance drainage with our top dressing and fertilising service.



During the winter months, weeds take advantage of your lawn’s weakened state to infiltrate the outskirts and gaps in your garden. Winter limits the growth of your lawn, giving weeds the opportunity to rear their ugly head. The appearance of weeds can be an unsightly addition to your garden but the main concern is the effect they have on the health and vitality of the landscape. Weeds consume large amounts of water and nutrients, depriving your lawn and plants of sustenance. It’s important to implement a weed management plan during the winter months to avoid diminishing the health of your garden. At Jim’s Mowing, we specialise in weed control and can safeguard against the effects weeds have on your garden.



Wet weather can lead to soil compaction where water and nutrients are unable to penetrate beneath the surface. The way to resolve this is to enable perforation of the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. Aeration services, assist roots to grow and thrive, resulting in a healthier, stronger lawn and garden. If you notice that after heavy rain or a storm that water is pooling or the soil is looking waterlogged, it’s probably a sign that the soil needs aeration. This will help your lawn breathe and promote hydration and growth which is particularly important in the winter months.


Winter can be a dreary time for gardens. The grass doesn’t grow as much, the colours fade and frost covers much of the landscape. Winter, however, is also a great time for care and restoration in preparation for the warmer months. As the seasons change, we must adapt to the shifting needs of our garden. Implementing some winter gardening habits will ensure your landscape is healthy and beautiful all year round.