8 Lawn myths you never have to believe again

If you partake in lawn mowing in Melbourne, then it’s no surprise that you might be looking for new ways to keep your grass looking good. But you might be led down the wrong path with some of the popular lawn myths below. Some of these actions can even harm your lawn rather than help it, so we must bust those false ideas and bring the truth to light. Read on to get to grips with your grass.

Lawn myth question 1 – Can you mow wet grass?

If you are wondering if you can mow wet grass, then here’s your definitive answer – you can, but you shouldn’t. Any self-respecting professional for lawn mowing in Melbourne will not mow damp grass. Damp grass can flatten so that you don’t get an even cut on your lawn. Secondly, wet grass can tear, which leaves your lawn open to disease and ill health.

Lawn myth question 2 – Isn’t it better to keep your grass shorter?

Keeping your grass too short can lead to a sunburnt appearance, where your lawn looks yellow or brown. This is because the lawn’s roots become exposed to the sun. Weeds can become more of a problem as they thrive in hot and dry environments. Find out how to get rid of weeds with our article ‘How to get rid of weeds and stop them from spreading.’ Avoid cutting your grass too short by delegating the chore to Jim’s service for lawn mowing in Melbourne, expressly, the Mornington Peninsula.

Lawn myth question 3 – But don’t I need to scarify my lawn?

‘What is scarifying lawn?’ you might be wondering. It involves driving spikes into the lawn that aim to break up thatch and an excess of roots. This process is meant to help with lawn coverage and can remedy a lawn with an overly spongey texture. But do you need to scarify your lawn? The answer is no. An easier option for ensuring lawn coverage is to allow your lawn to grow to a decent length. When lawn mowing in Melbourne, ensure that you don’t cut your grass too short, as some length is necessary so the grass can photosynthesise.

Lawn myth question 4 – Is it bad to leave clippings on my lawn?

A longstanding lawn myth is that it is terrible to leave clippings on your lawn after mowing it. Clippings are about 75% water, and they also contain nitrogen, which means they act as a gentle fertiliser. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving your clippings on the lawn. All professionals for lawn mowing in Melbourne know this.

Lawn myth question 5 – It doesn’t matter what time of day I water my lawn, does it?

It certainly does matter what time of the day you water your lawn, as it affects the amount of water reaching the grass’s roots. It’s best to water early in the morning. If you water your lawn at the hottest time of the day, the water will evaporate before it gets deep into the roots. Conversely, if you water your lawn too late at night, there is not enough evaporation as the sun is not out, so you could risk overwatering. Why not automate the watering task by having an irrigation system installed? We can help with garden care at Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula.

Lawn myth question 6 – Can you fertilise your lawn using beer?

There is absolutely no benefit to pouring beer on your lawn. It is not an effective fertiliser. Whatsmore, it can do much harm due to the alcohol in the liquid, which can damage your grass. Abandon those old wives’ tales that tell you specific homemade “lawn tonics” can resuscitate a failing lawn. If you have dubious theories on substances that can save your yard, it might be good to talk to an expert on lawn mowing in Melbourne, like one of our team at Jim’s. We can set you straight on what will have the most positive effect on your lawn.

Lawn myth question 7 – Should you water your lawn as often as possible?

You may think that watering your lawn every day can only be a good thing. But too much water can create boggy conditions that stifle your lawn’s health. Rather than aiming to water your lawn every day, water less often, but water deeply to get right down to the roots. This simple solution is the advice we offer all our clients for lawn mowing in Melbourne.

Lawn myth question 8 – Don’t I need to use a lot of fertiliser to get results?

While fertilising at regular intervals throughout the year can be helpful to a healthy lawn too, you don’t want to overdo it. If you use excess fertiliser, you can burn your grass. It will turn yellow and fail to grow well in that spot. Make sure you heed the instructions of any fertiliser you use. Looking for an economical fertiliser? Read our article on ‘How to make your own garden fertiliser.’

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