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24 Nov 2021

How to attract native insects and birds to your garden

If you’re keen on gardening in Mornington Peninsula, part of the reason might be that you enjoy local fauna. Perhaps you are wondering how to attract more native insects and birds into your garden.  It truly is wonderful when you spy an unusual insect or bird in your garden, it’s like a unique visitation, a […]

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12 Nov 2021

Avoid These Lawn Mowing Mistakes For A Healthier Lawn

When it comes to lawn mowing, many people don’t know the simple basic tips that can work towards keeping their lawn in the best condition. Even after careful landscaping, your lawn may not be pulling its weight, and this could be because you are making one or more of several lawn mowing mistakes. Have you […]

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15 Oct 2021

Irrigation and watering tips for your garden this summer

When the temperature rises, it can be challenging to find the time and resources to maintain your garden. Hot temperatures can rapidly heat up the soil in your yard and deplete the moisture content. This can take away a lot of the water and nutrients your plants need to thrive. So before summer rolls around […]

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08 Oct 2021

10 gardening tips for beginners

When you experience owning your own backyard for the first time the possibilities are endless. After taking care of lawn mowing in your Mornington Peninsula garden, you have a blank canvas. You can choose to put in whatever plants you like. You can choose the layout and look of the entire garden too. It’s an […]

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08 Sep 2021

How to choose the right lawn for your garden

Your backyard at home can be so versatile. It could be your go-to spot for entertaining guests or unwinding on the weekend. It might also be where you take up your hobby for gardening and being self-sustainable with your own vegetable patch. Whatever you do with your backyard, few can argue how good it looks […]

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18 Aug 2021

Update your garden with these new landscaping trends

Have you thought about giving your garden a makeover? It’s hard to know where to start. Do you give your decking a new paint job, install new garden sleepers, or have a go at building a courtyard with pavers? The options are endless. Sometimes you need a good dose of inspiration to get on the […]

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15 Jul 2021

How to make your own garden fertiliser

When it comes to gardening and landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, it’s challenging to keep a garden thriving throughout the year. Exposure to high winds and salt spray from the coast can wreak havoc on your well-manicured garden. But one of the best ways to protect your plants is to keep them healthy. The healthier your […]

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04 Jun 2021

5 organic pest control solutions for your garden

There are many challenges that locals face when it comes to gardening Mornington Peninsula. There are tough weather conditions like high winds and seaspray to deal with. The soil content of your backyard may also need to be adjusted in order for your plants to thrive. However one of the biggest challenges that local gardeners […]

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20 Mar 2021

Jim’s gutter cleaning tips to protect your home

Having lush trees around your home is a joy for most of the year. But when autumn rolls around your backyard can get messy with leaves dropping everywhere. Cleaning up the leaves from your lawn is easy but what about the ones on your roof? Too often homeowners neglect this area of gardening. When your […]

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20 Feb 2021

5 tips for protecting your garden from pests

A common issue that home gardeners have is dealing with pests. You’ve spent months sowing seeds and planning out your garden beds. So it can be a real let-down when your plants get eaten by insects. But unlike other gardening issues, there’s plenty you can do to prevent pests from invading your garden. To help […]

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