Fast growing shade tree options for a garden makeover

Planting a tree in your garden doesn’t just increase your property’s aesthetic value alone. A lovely large shade tree can provide a cool rest spot for your family and pets while purifying the air. Urban tree selection has been greatly encouraged all over Australia to lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the risk of natural hazards like bushfires.

Of course, taking care of trees in the city is much harder than in the country. Most homes may not have the space for trees that are too large, or don’t have the time or resources to look after a tree that demands constant care. But the benefits of having a tree outweigh the setbacks, and you should consider saving space for one. This article takes a look at 5 great low maintenance trees found in Australia that you can plant in your garden.


These beloved tropical blooms, also called plumeria, grow equally well in temperate climates like Mornington Peninsula. They are a great tree selection to plant in winter, as they will flourish well through spring just in time for their sweet-smelling flowers to bloom in summer. Frangipani trees can be grown very easily from cuttings, and do not require too much watering other than in the warmer months. They are great low maintenance trees to add a fragrant touch to your garden.


Magnolias make the perfect low maintenance trees for urban environments, because of their low root system that does not interfere with wires and plumbing. Their dense foliage and beautiful blooms provide an ideal shade tree selection in the hot summer months. There are several varieties of magnolia to choose from, the most popular being the evergreen varieties such as ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Little Gem’. Deciduous magnolias are best suited to Mornington Peninsula’s temperate climates, with beautiful pink flowers visible all through late winter to early spring.

Blueberry Ash

This Australian native is named for its bright blue berries that it produces in summer, which attract birds in addition to giving your garden a brilliant blue hue. During the flowering season, these berries start out as pink or white frilly flowers that hang low on branches. Blueberry ash grows fast and is an all-weather variety, making it a great tree selection for any backyard. If you have no space for an additional tree but still want to keep a blueberry ash in your garden, it can easily be grown in a large ornamental pot.

Lilly Pilly

Another Australian native with brightly coloured berries on this list, the lilly pilly grows both as a shrub or a tree with lush foliage and great shade. It is a hardy, evergreen family of low maintenance trees that grows fast and withstands all kinds of soil conditions and sudden seasonal changes. The well-known pink-violet berries attract birds and bees and have been used in Indigenous food and medicine. They can also be harvested and made into a delicious jam!

Japanese Maple

Like most maple trees, the Japanese maple is renowned for its brilliant autumn foliage, with leaves turning to orange and crimson red. They are best grown in the winter ‘hibernation’ period, and grow quickly with regular watering to produce a large canopy of delicate light-green leaves in spring. They are a great tree selection for cool climates in rich, fertile soil, and are best suited to smaller gardens.

Give your garden a makeover with Jim’s Mowing

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