It’s about this time of the year that we shake off our winter blues and start to look ahead to sunnier times. Winter weather takes an inevitable toll on our gardens and often it takes a little landscaping to get it back to looking its best. There is no better time to add new life into your garden just as winter is ending and spring is on the horizon.

Landscaping is an art that works to reinvent the look and feel of your outdoor space, it’s even been proven to add value to your property. A professional landscaping service will formulate a makeover plan to suit your budget and area, they’ll also be able to implement the right plant selection, installation and fertilising for long-term success. So whether you’re renovating, selling, moving in or simply looking for a change, we customise a landscaping solution to suit your individual property and garden. Here are some of the ways a professional landscaping service can transform your property;

Plant Selection & Supply

Garden Makeover & Landscaping 

Every garden landscape has different needs that must be taken into consideration when enlisting a professional landscaping service. Depending on your geographical location, different plants require different landscape and weather conditions. Here at Jim’s Mowing, we understand which plants will thrive in different conditions and we are experienced in navigating Melbourne’s ever-changing climate. From bushfire retardant and drought-tolerant plants to ones suited for dry surroundings, we have the solution to suit your garden’s needs.

Fertilising & Mulching

Refreshing your garden with plants is a great way to transform your outdoor landscape. It’s also important to maintain the existing plants. Gardens, like us, need constant nourishment to thrive. Water, mulch and fertilisation all work to feed your garden and will keep it looking healthy and bright all year long. We recommend routine maintenance and offer upkeep services to ensure your garden is retaining water and flourishing.


Whether you’re moving in, selling, renovating or just looking for a change of scenery, we specialise in turning tired outdoor areas into stunning oasis’s. Landscaping really can complete the look and feel of a home and can add significant value to your property. When putting your house on the market, it’s important to demonstrate to potential buyers the functionality of your outdoor spaces. Our landscaping services will not only completely transform the look of your garden but will also make sure it has all the functional aspects to make your life easier.

Landscaping is particularly crucial when renovating our homes. Not only does it add to the ‘new’ feeling of the home but it’s really important in establishing cohesion throughout the home. Landscaping works to complement the inside aesthetic of the home and will bring all the elements of the renovation together.

Often, when we renovate our homes we run out of the steam and money required to finish our gardens too. That’s why at Jim’s Mowing, we are committed to providing cost-effective, reliable solutions so that you can have the garden of your dreams, without breaking the bank! Contact us today for a free quote!