When it comes to lawn mowing, many people don’t know the simple basic tips that can work towards keeping their lawn in the best condition. Even after careful landscaping, your lawn may not be pulling its weight, and this could be because you are making one or more of several lawn mowing mistakes.

Have you really thought about how you conduct lawn mowing? Or are you stuck on replaying some lawn mowing myths, to the detriment of your backyard sanctuary?  

This article will focus on dispelling these myths that contribute to poor lawn performance so that your lawn mowing in the Mornington Peninsula will create the best results for your garden. They say knowledge is power, and this is also the case when it is concerning how to look after your lawn. 

Don’t Mow Too Much 

If it has been a long time since you last mowed your lawn, you might be tempted to go full throttle on your lawn, cutting it down to an extremely low length. You might think this will save you from having to cut it again so soon. 

But all professionals for landscaping in Mornington Peninsula know that when you cut your lawn too short, its health suffers. This is because the grass blades need some of their lengths to photosynthesize, creating food for themselves from sunlight. If you deny the grass this need, it will start to die off, either from starvation or from insect infestation and disease. 

If after landscaping in Mornington Peninsula you notice that your lawn is yellowing, it could be that you have cut it too short. In the future, aim to only cut off  ⅓ of the length of your grass in any one session of lawn mowing. 

Don’t Cut When Grass is Wet

Lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula should not be done when your grass is wet. It can be tempting to simply get on with things even when it’s raining outside or has recently poured down, but you will not get the best result in this way. 

When grass is wet, the blades can attach together, which causes an uneven cut. The mower wheels can cause the grass to matt down, and if this happens your blades may miss sections of grass altogether. Additionally, fungus is more likely to spread if you mow when your grass is wet. 

Lastly, be aware that lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula is particularly hazardous when your grass is wet, as you could slip while in the middle of things, especially if there are inclines on your property. 

Don’t Use Dull Mower Blades

It is essential that as you prepare for a lawn mowing session, that you keep your mower blades sharp. Any professional for landscaping in Mornington Peninsula would maintain their tools so that they are in top condition, and you should too, to get the best results. 

The problem with dull motor blades is that rather than cleanly cutting the grass, they tend to tear the grass, which leaves that grass open to infestation by pests and disease. For optimal outcomes, get your blades sharpened every few months. 

Don’t Use Lawn In High Traffic Areas

There may be another reason why your lawn is failing to thrive, and that could be because you are trying to grow a lawn in high-traffic areas, where the grass easily gets worn away. If you haven’t dealt with this problem yet, you might want to consider landscaping in Mornington Peninsula to effectively designate different parts of your garden for different purposes. 

Where there are high traffic areas, pavers or a pathway may be more appropriate than a lawn. Then you can eradicate the problem of having threadbare lawn when you go to conduct lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula.

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