Get your lawn ready and strong 

Now that the temperatures have dropped, it’s safe to say we are well into autumn, and may be heading into an early winter. But even though the growing season for lawns is past, it’s not too late to get some autumn lawn care done so you’re well prepared for the coldest months. After a humid summer, there’s extra steps to take when lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula.

When living close to the coast, autumn lawn care becomes extra crucial to make sure your lawn gets enough sunlight to prevent moisture from affecting it. This is the first step to keep your lawn healthy so it can sail through the winter and come out looking its best for spring. Here are our best tips for autumn lawn care and the most important things to look out for.

Get rid of fallen leaves

When lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula in the autumn, you’ll be picking up a lot of fallen leaves. But while they make a beautiful autumn aesthetic, leaving them lying on the lawn can block out sunlight and deprive it of nutrients. Raking or mowing fallen leaves is the first step to autumn lawn care, but they don’t have to be a nuisance. You can collect them into piles to later add to compost or mulch, or use the lawn mower to chop smaller leaves till the pieces are small enough to decompose as mulch.

 Water and fertilise your lawn well

This is especially important if you have a warm-weather lawn like Couch or Buffalo grass, without proper autumn lawn care they risk dying out in winter. You can spread the leaf mulch from the previous step, or use compost from produce or poultry manure. Check the pH of your soil regularly to make sure you are not applying too much fertiliser; if it is below 6, apply a little garden lime. Water your lawn at least once or twice a week. Regular watering and fertilising will prevent the spread of weeds.

Make sure you aerate the soil

Keeping your soil aerated is an absolute must for autumn lawn care, as the soil tends to become more compact in the colder months. Aerating the soil with a fork helps air, water and other nutrients to travel deeper through the soil and help roots grow regularly. You can use a garden fork or aerator sandals; simply drive it into the lawn about halfway through, wiggle and remove it, then repeat for a different area. This is recommended every 12 months for your lawn, but it’s best done in autumn.

Don’t forget to mow the lawn

Even though you won’t be mowing your lawn as often as you do in spring and summer, it’s important not to neglect the lawn so it can remain strong through winter. For autumn lawn care, it’s recommended to mow your lawn to slightly longer lengths while keeping the canopy even. This will ensure it receives as much sunlight and nutrients as possible, and protect the roots from frost. Cool-weather grasses like bluegrass can be mowed shorter to block out weeds while the leaf blades stop growing.

Trust Jim’s Mowing for all your autumn lawn care needs

If you’re having trouble with lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula, especially with the leaves falling, Jim’s Mowing is just a call away. Our purpose is to keep lawns beautiful all year round, and that includes the best autumn lawn care. 

We can help clear your lawn of leaves and turn them into useful products for your garden, get rid of those pesky weeds, and aerate your lawn. Our lawn care services will help you get your grass prepared for winter and ready to show off in spring! Contact us today.