If you’re keen on gardening in Mornington Peninsula, part of the reason might be that you enjoy local fauna. Perhaps you are wondering how to attract more native insects and birds into your garden. 

It truly is wonderful when you spy an unusual insect or bird in your garden, it’s like a unique visitation, a special occasion. 

Whether you manage to attract common insects and birds or the more intriguing cockatoos and parrots, you will soon find satisfaction when your garden becomes a favoured spot on the local wildlife’s itinerary. 

For best results, make note of our top tips for attracting native insects and birds to your garden. 

If this is something you are particularly interested in, you can mention it before having landscaping in Mornington Peninsula done, so your designer can work your wishes into their plant choice. 

Choose native plants

If you enjoy gardening in Mornington Peninsula, then you might have chosen many of the plants that now proliferate in your garden beds yourself. 

But you may not have always been focussed on attracting native insects and birds. As a result, many of your plants may be introduced species, but what native insects and birds really like is native plants. It makes sense when you think about it. 

When gardening in Mornington Peninsula, consider what plants are native to that area before choosing what to put into the ground. 

You may want to visit your local nursery or do some research on native plants for your local area. Native plants such as bottlebrushes or grevilleas are favourites of birds that seek out native plant nectar, particularly wattlebirds. 

Don’t use insecticides

When you choose a company for landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, it can be an exciting time as your garden is transformed before your eyes. But whether someone else is helping you with gardening in Mornington Peninsula, or whether you are doing it yourself, there’s something you need to be aware of: insecticides. 

It would be best to ask your landscaping company not to use insecticides on your garden if you wish to encourage native bees and other insects to frequent your yard. 

This is because insecticides, especially systematic insecticides, are soaked up by the roots of a plant, and then infuse themselves all the way through it. 

This toxic insecticide can last in the plant for a long time, becoming hazardous to insects and wildlife. This is a real shame, as it can kill off many kinds of beneficial native insects and other fauna which rely on plants for food. 

Supply water

If, during landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, your hired company asks you if you want a birdbath or a water feature in your garden, don’t hesitate, say yes! 

In the summer months, temperatures rise and the climate can get very hot for insects and birds alike. If you have a water feature in your garden, even a simple one such as a birdbath, you can supply water to native insects and birds right when they need it most. 

So if you have a birdbath or water feature, don’t forget to fill it up while you are gardening in Mornington Peninsula. It only takes a minute but could mean the difference between having native insects and birds visit, and not having them visit. 

Be aware of pets

If you are aiming to attract native insects and wildlife into your yard, then you need to be mindful of the impact your pets might have on this plan.

Many common pets, such as cats and dogs, can be hunters of native insects and birds, so you need to take steps to ensure your newfound native fauna is safe. 

As far as dogs are concerned, you can supervise them while gardening in Mornington Peninsula, or you can fence off an area of your yard that is just for them so that birds have time and space to play. 

Cats can easily be kept indoors, or constrained to an outdoor cat run so they still get their time outside but not at the sacrifice of your local wildlife. 

Let Jim’s Mowing help you attract native insects and wildlife

When we take on a job for landscaping in Mornington Peninsula, we really listen to your needs and preferences in order to design the garden of your dreams. 

If part of your plan is to attract native insects and birds to your yard, let us know, so we can choose plants accordingly. 

While our mowing service can help you get the most out of your lawn, our garden care service can help keep your garden well maintained, including odd jobs like filling up birdbaths for your native birds to enjoy!

If you need help with gardening in Mornington Peninsula, contact us today!