Don’t forget your lawn in winter

The winter season is the time for everyone to relax and grow inactive, including your lawn. But even though your lawn doesn’t grow as fast as it does in the warmer months, winter lawn care is still an essential part of gardening in Mornington Peninsula. Most grasses in Australia flourish in the warm season and stay dormant in the cold, which means it’s best to get them prepared in the winter to look their best in the spring. Here are 5 essential winter lawn care tips to ensure your grass doesn’t get neglected and stays healthy even in this harsh Victorian chill.

Mowing your lawn correctly

The good news is that you don’t have to mow your lawn as often as you do in spring or summer, as it grows slower. A regular mow every few weeks is recommended for gardening in Mornington Peninsula, to prevent the leaves from curling and turning brown. For proper winter lawn care, be sure to increase your lawn mower’s height so the grass can absorb more sunlight and nutrients in the colder temperatures. This also helps you block weeds from growing in your lawn better and reduce exposure to any winter pests.

Additionally, the winter is a good time to get your lawn mower serviced, since you won’t be using it that often. Get the blades sharpened and engine fine-tuned in time for more intensive mowing in spring.

Weeding your lawn

Because the lawn does not grow as fast in the winter, this is an opportune time for weeds to flourish, particularly after rainy days. Ideally, you should pull out as many weeds as you can by hand, so you can stop them from growing right at the root. Use a fork or trowel for more efficient weed removal over a larger area, and dispose of them in your council-provided bin. If you must use a herbicide for winter lawn care, choose one that tackles both the underground as well as the overground part of the weed.

Lightly watering your lawn

When gardening in Mornington Peninsula, we receive plenty of rain in the colder months, so your lawn does not need intensive irrigation in the winter. If you have a drought-resistant variety of grass as is common in Australia, it can go without watering for a few months. But if the leaves begin to curl up, it is a sure sign that the lawn is dry and needs water. Avoid leaving excess moisture on the lawn and go for a light sprinkling, preferably in the early mornings. This will also help combat frost, which we will cover in a later section.

Use the right amount of fertiliser

It’s important to fertilise your lawn at the start of every season, and winter lawn care is no exception. Nutrients are harder to come by in the colder months, so giving your grass a good feed will help keep it healthy in time for warmer weather. It’s recommended to use an organic-based fertiliser based on your soil’s pH, or a slow-release fertiliser made for the winter. You can also use any compost made from leftover fallen leaves from the autumn and early winter.

Keep your lawn safe from frost

Luckily, snow is a rarity in Victoria, but it is chilly enough that your lawn is still susceptible to frost. Along with all the steps mentioned above, aerating your soil is also a great way to keep your grass free from frost. This can be done with a manual tool like a rake or trowel, or aerating sandals. Letting the soil breathe also prevents it from compaction, especially after heavy periods of rain. The frost can make gardening in Mornington Peninsula challenging, but with the right care and attention your lawn can remain strong.

Get the best of winter lawn care from Jim’s Mowing Mornington Peninsula

If the cold weather is affecting your garden, we can help you manage any troubles and get your lawn ready for spring. At Jim’s Mowing, we specialise in lawn care and garden care services in and around the Mornington Peninsula region. Contact us today to know more about how we can help keep your lawn healthy in winter.